Our 24/7 emergency service includes the following:
  • Solar systems
  • Heat pump installation
  • Maintenance Plumbing
  • Geyser installation and repairs
    Our recommendation is to perform geyser maintenance on the hot water cylinder every 3 years, except for the sacrificial anode that should be replaced on average every 18 month. During the geyser maintenance we inspect all valves for leaks or indication of wear. The plumber will drain the hot water cylinder, remove the element and do a visual inspection of the element and thermostat for signs of wear and excessive lime scale build on the element. The installation will be checked for leaks and the magnesium sacrificial anode will be replaced (copper geysers do not have a sacrificial anode).
  • Geyser blankets
    This is a practical & efficient solution to minimize energy loss. The special blanket wrapped around the geyser and pipes will improve heat retention.
    We also recommend the installation of a digital geyser timer to control the time your geyser uses up electricity.
  • Sanitary ware installation
  • Drainage installation and repairs
  • Leak detection by infrared camera
  • Blocked drains
  • Plumbing certificates
  • Installation of water filter systems
  • Registered installer on ESKOM SWH Program